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About Us

Sailmaking Support Systems is committed to providing the Sailmaking Industry with unique products and services that lend themselves to sail life enhancement and production efficiency. Towards that end, Sailmaking Support Systems supports a skilled staff of sailmaking professionals to handle the unique demands of the Sailmaking Industry.

A veteran sailor and experienced Sailmaker, Ben Cosby takes care of day-to-day operations.

Ben Cosby: Experienced Sailor & Sailmaker

Ben is our hands-on guy. A veteran sailor (he was practically born on a sailboat), Ben comes to us with a degree in mechanical engineering and with several years of experience in Sailmaking.

This makes him uniquely suited to take care of the day-to-day operations at our New England facility, where he can be reached at

Jeff Andersen, President of Sailmaking Support Systems, is an avid racer and cruiser.

Jeff Andersen: Sailmaker & Innovator

Jeff Andersen, President of Sailmaking Support Systems, has had an active career in the Sailmaking industry spanning almost 40 years, which gives him a unique perspective of the fabrics being used in today’s sails, as well as the construction of modern sails.

Jeff was an early pioneer of the laminated molded sails and was granted one of the first US patents on these applications. Since then he has been on the forefront of innovations in the industry and this experience is what you, the boat owner, can benefit from.

An avid racer and cruiser, Jeff has logged thousands of miles under sail and understands the very special need of each category of sailors and how to treat their sails.

Combined with the effort of Ben Crosby you are guaranteed a team that will take extremely good care of your sails and service you in a fast and efficient way.