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Below are answers to your sail washing questions and some links that we hope will enhance your sailing experience. Please contact us if you would like to recommend further resources that may be of interest to the sailing community.

Answers to Your Mildew & Sail Washing Questions

How often should I wash my sails?
We recommend that you wash your sails annually. The washing methods we use are very gentle. Continued maintenance prolongs the life of the sails.

Does washing harm my sails?
Not one bit. An independent testing laboratory has confirmed that the processes we use do not in any way harm the sailcloths.

Can you remove mildew from my sails?
Our new Vacu-Wash™ process has been highly effective in removing mildew, especially on laminates and in between layers of cloth.

How clean will my sails be after washing?
It depends on the material. the age of the sail, and when it was last washed. Our washing processes are very gentle and are more succesfull after several applications.

If I have SAILKOTE™ Plus applied, how long will it last?
Unlike other other bioside treatments that are waterbased (and therefore disappear when the sail gets wet) SAILKOTE™ Plus is dispersed in an alcohol based liquid and remains on the surface. Our experience shows that SAILKOTE™ Plus is still effective after 5 to 6 years.

What can I do to prevent mildew on my sails?
SIMPLE! Go sailing more often. That will dry out your sails and expose the mildew to UV rays, which will kill the fungus. After all, wasn't that why you got the boat?

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