sailkote mildew prevention


As effective as annual washing is at getting rid of dirt and mildew once it appears, what is really necessary is a preventative solution/process that does not allow mildew to grow.

sail washing mildew
Fight mildew before this happens with SAILKOTE™ Plus.

A Breakthrough in Mildew Control

With the advances that have been made in the last ten years in laminated sailcloth and sail handling systems, it would be a shame to not be able to take advantage of these advancing technologies because we could not get a foot hold on mildew growth.

We have now developed a technology that attacks and resists mildew at the growth stages. Over the past few years, there have been a few topical solutions that have proven to be either ineffective or had a very short effective life span or both.


SAILKOTE™ Plus is specially formulated with Dupont Krytox®, an easily applied environmentally friendly translucent liquid lubricant specifically designed for marine use. It is a derivative of McLube, with an anti-mildew additive that fights mildew before it starts.

It dries quickly to a hard, smooth, ultra-slick, hydrophobic dry coating that bonds tenaciously to almost any surface. And because SAILKOTE™ Plus is a dry lubricant, it will not attract dirt or contaminants and will not transfer to other surfaces.

SAILKOTE™ Plus will severely limit, if not ILLIMINATE, the growth of mildew on your sails and, depending on use, need not be re-applied any sooner than every 4-5 years.

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