sail mildew prevention

SAILKOTE™ Plus - Application

Because modern laminated materials are so less porous, sails left for even the shortest period of time increase the risk of mildew growth. The surest way we have found to combat mildew and increase the efficiency of roller furling systems (both main and genoa) is to spray the sail with SAILKOTE™ Plus.

sailkoting mildew prevention boat sails
SAILKOTE™ Plus being applied to a suit of sails at our facility in Greenland, NH.

Dramatic Results

Over the past 6 years Sailmaking Support Systems has applied SAILKOTE Plus to thousand of square feet of sails for boats ranging in size from 25’ to 155’. The results have been truly dramatic. The sails that we have seen, having been sailkoted as much as 4 seasons ago, are in better shape than those that have not. The sails, made from as diverse materials as Woven Polyester and Nylon to Laminated Polyester and Spectra, are cleaner, exhibit less mildew, and suffer less from wear and tear.

It's All in the Application

As effective as SAILKOTE™ Plus is, Sailmaking Support Systems has figured out there are methods that MUST be employed to maximize not only the application of the Sailkote on your sails, but also the effectiveness and longevity of SAILKOTE™ Plus.

In order to be applied properly, SAILKOTE™ Plus MUST be applied using a High Volume/Low Pressure paint sprayer. The sail to be koted must be capable of being stretched out as much as possible in a WELL-VENTILATED environment.

We have many stories about those that tried to apply the SAILKOTE™ Plus themselves using less than the equipment and space required. The results were less than desirable. Through our experience, we have arrived at the correct formulation for a given sail and sail fabric. This guarantees the correct amount of SAILKOTE™ Plus is used to avoid waste and extra weight, while insuring the proper coverage for maximum effect.

What Works Best

In order for the Sailkote to work best, the sail must be clean and grime free, with as much mildew removed as possible, which in most cases involves a Vacu-Wash™.

SAILKOTE™ Plus is best applied to a brand new sail just after it is totally complete. Treating the fabric alone is not enough, as much of the mildew is introduced through the stitch holes and exposed fabric edges (such as along seams).


Sailmaking Support Systems offers an 8,000 square foot ventilated facility set up to efficiently handle Sailkoting to keep your sails clean, efficient and mildew-free for years to come.